Rugged Rack Outfitters was founded in 2001 by Justin Johns with the idea of providing quality hunts for all levels of hunters.  The ranches that we lease are game rich and carefully managed to give the hunter the best opportunity.

Justin has been married to his wife, Page, since 2004 and they have two wonderful boys, Zane and Payson.  They all enjoy hunting, fishing, team roping, rodeoing and cowboying.  In the off-season, Justin runs yearlings and cow/calf pairs in the high country and also takes care of his own herd.  Justin and Page also own a sign business called Cowboy Brand Furniture where they make antiqued, wooden signs. 

Boys Hunting.jpg
Zane & Payson hunting with their Dad
Boys on Horses.jpg
Zane & Payson roping at home
Bull Hunt.jpg
Page, Justin, Zane and Payson on a successful bull elk hunt
Zane in SD.jpg
Zane team roping in South Dakota
Zane Stand.jpg
Zane hunting with his Dad
Justin and Payson glassing for deer
JR Rodeo.jpg
Feeding Cows.jpg

Justin and Zane feeding cows in a snow storm


Zane and Payson doctoring a sick yearling on the mountain

Payson Ukulele.jpg
Payson playing his ukulele
Payson Riding.jpg
Payson helping on the mountain
Turnout on the mountain.jpg
Turning yearlings out on the mountain in the spring
Sorting pairs.jpg
Sorting cow/calf pairs in the spring

Zane at the Junior Rodeos in Utah

Jusitn, Page, Zane & Payson Johns
Team Roping.jpg
Loading Truck.jpg
Justin, Page, Zane & Payson Johns
Justin and Zane loading cattle trucks, headed off of the mountain for the year
Team Roping at the home arena
Glassing for deer.jpg